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shane 01-24-2017 10:36 PM

Maiden in Antwerp

mnsaxonfan 01-25-2017 04:39 PM

Saxon - March 24th in Sioux City, Iowa
Iron Maiden - June 16th in Minnesota (first time they've played Minnesota in 17 years, finally I don't have to drive 6+ hours to see them!!!)
Guns N Roses - July 30th in Minnesota

Still waiting on Metallica to announce their US touring plans this year, but will certainly try to see them this year too. This is shaping up to be a GREAT concert year!

Fingers 01-30-2017 06:24 PM

Anthrax in February

Grizzly 01-30-2017 11:42 PM


Originally Posted by Fingers (Post 56434)
Anthrax in February

Yep, same here. 10th in London. Then Gojira in March, Maiden in May and WASP in October.
Hopefully some more interesting stuff will pop up as the year goes on.

Grizzly 02-03-2017 03:26 PM

Bit miffed at the moment. Both Blaze Bayley and Armored Saint are doing UK tours in March, but none in London, and I've got no hope of getting to any of the other dates. Fingers crossed some more will pop up :(

northernlady 02-03-2017 09:19 PM

Grave Digger February 11th Zeche Bochum :)

Husky 02-04-2017 02:03 PM

Have much fun, all of you!:);)
My next is Gotthard and Pretty Maids on February 13th in Frankfurt :D

mnsaxonfan 03-02-2017 02:40 PM

Only 3 weeks away from Saxon - March 24th in Sioux City, Iowa, can't wait! Doing the VIP Meet and Greet as well :)

Husky 03-02-2017 03:39 PM

I'm sure it will be great. :D Enjoy :)
The next for me :Axxis, March 15th

PunkTexas 03-02-2017 07:16 PM

Deafheaven tomorrow night.

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