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lionessheart 02-05-2018 08:28 PM

Your thoughts on the new album
Well I for one love it. Biffs lyrics are full of imagery and the other boys are in blistering form. I love the title track, The Secret of Flight , Nosferatu and Predator.

Actually I love all of it. Ill go as far to say its their best album since Lionheart

Emperor 02-07-2018 01:41 PM

I listened to the album twice and like it almost as much as I liked Battering Ram. That one is one of my favourites of Saxon.
Most of the albums from Dogs Of War until now, I think are the best Saxon have ever done. Thunderbolt belongs also to the best, as far as I'm concerned. My favourite tracks are: Thunderbolt, The Secret Of Flight, Odin's Son, A Wizard's Tale and Roadie's Song.
I don't dislike one track, but my least favourite one is Sniper.

Doom Rider 02-07-2018 01:53 PM

Fabulous album maintains the incredibly high quality of releases since forever free . Its definitely up there already as one of my favs if not favourite modern era Saxon albums - but its too hrd to choose for me . The album sounds great and I don't have any tracks I look to skip really enjoying it on continuous rotation. From what I see across the board reviews and purchaser reviews are overwhelmingly positive probably the best feed back of any Saxon recent release. The word is finally getting out there again on a wider scale nothing short of what the band deserve.

Northern Man 02-08-2018 08:20 AM

Its great.....

mnsaxonfan 02-08-2018 07:32 PM

Gave it a first listening to this morning (my copy from Amazon didn't arrive until late yesterday since I don't have Prime). My first thoughts were that I absolutely love the A side, the B side didn't quite do as much for me though. To be fair I'm at work listening to it so I really couldn't give it my full attention.

I LOVE Nosferatu, great song for something that isn't the "normal" sounding Saxon song. I love that the band did a song like that, and really hope they play it live in the US tour!

J.D.DIAMOND 02-09-2018 09:48 AM

Love the new album Thunderbolt. The only 2 tracks that they could of left off imo Predator & Sniper but
the rest is excellent classic Saxon. Lionheart,The Inner Sanctum and Sacrifice are my 3 favs but damn this is close. They Played Rock And Roll totally kicks ass and is my fav track off the album,head banging material!

Paul Quinn's Bandana 02-09-2018 07:22 PM

They Played Rock and Roll is one of their best ever tracks, and there is a fantastic lyric video on YouTube with classic 80s footage you can watch.

Thunderbolt, Nosferatu (raw version), Speed Merchants and Sons of Odin are all good too.

I hated Predator when I first heard it but it's growing on me. Some good lead guitar harmonies especially on the 2nd half of the album too.

Husky 02-11-2018 03:08 PM

For me its the best since The Inner Sanctum. There is no bad song on it (which is hardly to find anyway among Saxon songs);)
The less I like Sniper and Predator, the latter because I dont like harsh voices. But after listening several times it fits quite good in between.
Yes,but even those both are good all the others are very good and my favourites are Thunderbolt an Nosferatu, means very good XXL.:D
There is the influence of different styles, but is all SAXON.
The lyrics are easy to understand, even for someone whose English in not perfect, and they are great stories, you dont have to guess what is meant between the lines.

Very, very great. Long live Saxon!!
Looking so much forward to the tour.:D

Peter Day 02-11-2018 09:20 PM

well I've given it a good run through several times. They have certainly caught the sound of some of the older songs (from the 80's and early 90's) but with a modern twist. Great all rounder and certainly on par with Forever Free / Metal Head and Battering Ram as the more modern Saxon. Best tracks for me They played Rock and Roll / Thunderbolt / Sons of Odin and Nosferatu... but it's all awesome really.. All Hail the Metal that is Saxon.

Heavycelli 02-20-2018 10:24 AM

Surprising Album.
The best songs for me are: Roadies Song (for me fingerprint Saxon-song..when I think of Saxon this is what I have in mind and between the ears) Sons of Odin ( Hey Saxon Song without a solo and it is still good, so they can do that as well, Speed Merchants They Played Rock'n Roll, Thunderbolt and Secret of Flight ( Secret of Flight especially the mystical guitar bridge solo.) And I like Olympus Rising as intro.. but I must say Unleash the Beast intro was better. But OK its just the Intro

My less favorites are: Predator,Nosferatu and Sniper . (I skipp them) These are not the songs I have in mind when I think of Saxon. But I must say that I do like the guitarwork on these songs. Wished those songs were replaced by songs like Destroyer and Devils Footprint and Battering Ram. Then it would have been 10:10.. Saxon delivered some nice songs again.. surprising new side from the band.. but I wouldnt mind if there will never be a song like Predator on a Saxon Album in future..I just dont like that lunatic sounding voice from-- I forgot the name of did dislike me that song -- Glad the worst songs had splendid guitarwork..that saved alot..7,5-8,0 score.. well done...Thanks Nigel Glockler had such a great variation in percussion on this album, I like that..

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