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SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:03 PM

Leipzig - Hellraiser - 20th of March 2010

Date: 20th of March 2010

Venue: The Hellraiser in Leipzig

Transportation: The Saxonmobile

Weather: 18°C - rainy

Meeting Point: Witten - near Dortmund

Prisoners: Metaldude (Linus - a viking-lord from Sweden) - Saxon1963 (Martin - a mercenary from England) - Saxonmckenz (Gordon - a trooper from Scotland) - Northernlady and Saxonator (some slaves escaped from colditz castle - germany)


it was friday evening as i drove to dusseldorf to pick up linus at 7:15 pm - after that we drove to dortmund to pick up martin and gordon at 8:00 pm - then off to my place to have some fun. northernlady prepared some nice chili to feed us - and here we are:

time for some presents:

after the diner we went to a nearby irish pub - i am living here for years but i never was inside that haunted pub:

it was saturday - we started heading eastwards to have some fun with saxon once again:

SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:04 PM

certainly i was wondering in which bad condition the roads in former east germany are - but is wasnt the road - it was something else which gave uur trip a sudden stop - our aim was to find a spare tyre on saturday afternoon in the middle of nowhere - the car is only equipped with a piece of metalrubber as replacement - which only allows to drive 80 km/h - so we lost some time...:

while i was changing the tyre gordon and linus had fun downhill off the motorway in doing the *PINA COLADA DANCE* - because they had some litres of that stuff inside...

gordon already began to perform some *CUNNILINGUS ACTION* with the bottle...

i think his optical perception was somewhat like *THIS*

our first destination was colditz castle - southwards from leipzig - it was a present we gave to martin - he saw that castle in an old black/white movie and wanted to visit that for some years - so here are some details of what happened there in WW2:

the castle from outside:

the entrance to the inner sanctum:

SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:04 PM

a special view of the castle - very equal to a certain scene in the movie *THE COLDITZ STORY* as martin told us:

after that we were heading to the hellraiser - we arrived there in time - as always - some drinks in advance in a pub some streets away - here is the foreband called "big balls":

they played ac/dc-like stuff - that wasnt bad at all:

after a song the crowd shouted "saxon saxon saxon" - the singer told us that he is a saxonfan too - we have to give them 2 more songs - so okay - he said if biff byford would be a woman then the next song would have been written for him: "hotter than hell":

SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:05 PM

a view to the rear of the venue:

the downblouse lady behind the bar:

this is martin with his glassed birthday-girlfriend for the night:

so now it was time for mister byford to conquer the stage with his army again to give us a further gig not to be forgotten:

SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:05 PM

batallions - heavy thunder - live to rock

motorcylce - general - metalhead

requiem - medley - eagle

torben - the front of houses surrounded by knobs and shifts - in the background you can see the merch stand: (better photos of the new merch-stuff later)

SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:06 PM

strong arm - heroes - to hell and back

747 - 20.000 - princess - solo

wheels - crusader - denim - thank you once again !

some lurking at a certain bus - doug was the first volunteer:

SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:06 PM

even biff said hello - thank you so much:

unfortunately paul didnīt show up - i think he was busy with an interview - but we got a hold of the drumstick-killer:

so sweet:

big brother and me:

SAXONATOR 03-22-2010 12:07 PM

biff threw a thumbs up:

as you all know nibbs is not present on that tour - he was badly missed although the replacement bassist did very good work - he was always fully concentrated and gave his very best to replace nibbs - nibbs himself is very sad that he cant join - but right now there are some other things for him to be sorted and he will be back on the next tour - and again: all the best to miss carter and a quick recovery !

after signing 450 cd-covers and 158 cdīs and 85 lpīs and 846 photos and 482 tickets and 238 boobs it was too late for them to reach stuttgart in time - so they decided to just stay there overnight and we spent 14 hours together in a nearby premiere sports bar - after that we went to the leipzig city center to have some fastfood befor we went to a strip club for some further fun - well - dont take this for too serious...

after the gig we drove back home again - the other 4 slept some hours in the saxonmobile upside down while i was trying not to close my eyes - 1380 kilometers in one day - a castlevisit and a saxongig in between without any sleep - thats a kind of magic... we arrived at 6:30 am - some time left 4 me to have some sleep before we had to say goodbye to martin and gordon who have to go back to work on monday. linus is still here and joins with us in wiesbaden and bochum too. it was a sad moment again - i hate that - but anyway - they said goodybe to the security-rhino of dortmund airport:

thanks to saxon for the wonderful show - it was brilliant as always - i expected nothing different

special thanks to biff nige and doug for showing up afterwards - much appreciated

thanks to gordon and martin for a such lovely company - missing you - like all the others who were not there - no names to be mentioned

so see you is wiesbaden - wherever that is - i dont care - even a flat tyre cant stop us rocking...


yours faithfully


toyotaTRD 03-22-2010 12:19 PM

Nice one Udo! Thanks! :)

simon 1967 03-22-2010 12:42 PM

thank you
udo great review danke:):)

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