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sockpuppet 06-05-2014 01:28 AM

need input !!
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have a 41 inch long by 27 and 1/2 inch wide Saxon flag - my brother brought back from a concert in Europe sometime in the late 90's ?? I am attempting to find out its value. I did contact Paul Raymond Gregory via email - at his studio-Beyond Time and Space and received a answer from a Rebecca on 4/7 stating,"will get back to you with further info if he has it." So here I am - I kneel at the feet of the hard core fans of this incredible band. I must say playing the Crusader LP at 8 am is great way to start a hell of a day at the beach. Now I am curious - and am inquiring about the background of this particular banner (anyone seen it before -when and what concert?) or any information would be greatly appreciated. and also its value - price wise . I thank you in advance for any and all attention you may give to this matter.

PunkTexas 06-05-2014 02:46 PM

I bought one off an ebay seller from Poland (?) a couple of years ago. It was new and still in original package. I think I paid $10 or $15 bucks for it.

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