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Conversation Between MartyWalker and Sebasgitaar
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  1. MartyWalker
    05-08-2010 06:31 PM
    Sorry for being late. I loved living in Germany. I was all over Germany, working on Jets and Helicopters as a civilian. I love the Alps in Germ, Switz and Aust. I'm married to a German lady, but that doesn't mean I can't look around. She does I'm sure.I lived mostly aound Frankfurt am, and Hanau but I would have rather lived in the Alps- or closer to them. I'll see ya,

  2. Sebasgitaar
    03-25-2010 10:27 PM
    A few tournament a year in holland? that's pretty cool, you must be/have been? pretty good at softball! funny to hear that the women were so gorgeous, were do you live in germany?
  3. MartyWalker
    02-16-2010 05:22 AM
    Hey Sebasgitaar, how you doing. This is Marty from the forum. I love Holland. I've never lived there but I used to o there alot while I lived in Germany. I played softball so a few tournaments a year were in Holland.

    It is so gool there, ans the women were so georgous. I miss it.

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