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saxon live in montreal
The first time I saw Saxon was in 1991 in London(England) for the "Solid Ball Of Rock Tour" and that was great.
20 years later,I had a chance to see my favourite band live for the second time here in Montreal and i didn't want to miss it......and I didn't! So,on the october 10th,I was more than ready to see them perform in front of me.
I took some pictures,they signed me a poster,I just had few words with them and that's it,I was in heaven! :-)
I hope they gonna come back........very soon! Next year,I've been told,......I just keep my fingers crossed!
Mr Biff Byford
Biff and Doug
Mr Doug Scarrat
Mr Paul Quinn
Yes Mr Byford,you clap your hands,great show,great audience,perfect!
Mr Biff Byford

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