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Old 06-20-2008, 04:45 AM
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Default Message from Biff

Hi fellow forumersWe took of the link, this is the official web site of the band we understand that it was put on in total innocence but until OD decide to stop trying to undermine the achievements of this band we will continue not to support them in anyway if and when they stop trying to con people and concede that times have changed can we enter into any conciliatory talks.They are the ones blocking any future. as you know in my book I did not slag them of in any way and still say that they were great times but we have to move on the ball is in their court.On a more pleasant note we are in the studio making the next album, while recording guitars I was on the net looking at coat of arms. COM my coat is a silver eagle holding a lions foot cool I entered Scrarratt and Quinn and suddenly found out there both Irish which explains a lot, Gockler is of German dissent well any way you get the picture put coat of arms in google and have a look maybe post some crests on the site.Further to your questions I do look at the site every day guest book and forum especially so as you can see were playing tons of festivals this year and with our mates motorhead in the uk and Germany so the eagle is rising again so keep the faith see you on tour.Biff ByfordPS: nice revue in classic rock of Shepard's bush

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