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Old 07-03-2009, 10:56 AM
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Angry Ac/dc - ticketshister

Mate don't worry, with the assistance of my fellow forum hunters I was persuaded to take a chance and managed to get in, for 40 (standing) with a ticket bought from a Spanish fan, who had been spat at and threatened by the genuine touts. (Welcome to the UK where touting is illegal ha ha)

Thanks to the usual suspects for a great day - Goss, Martin, Tony, Tim, Debs, plus other cameo appearances in the Market Porter from people who's names I can't remember.

Now on to to Ticketshister, despite paying extra for secure delivery they used a courier in the Horsham area where the tickets were due to be delivered, the courier firms policy is to try and get a signature, but if none available they post them through the door anyway. And what I here you ask is their proof of delivery............... would you believe they take a picture of the door

Bear in mind Ticketshisters policy is not to re-issues standing tickets.

This is where it gets interesting having spoken to Ticketshister more times than I care to remember and hearing their ever changing story's, finally on the day of the gig, when I have already set off as has everyone else, they decide, (despite intimating throughout the morning that they may re-issue tickets) that the proof of delivery is sufficient - but will not provide this evidence when asked for it!

To cut a long story short, we are pursuing this, particularly when you consider the cost of 4 tickets was in the region of 260! We have therefore reported it to the Police (if we get a crime number we may get money back from the credit card firm) who let slip that they have 186 complaints outstanding against the courier firm involved. We will also pursue them through the small claims court and are trying to get Watchdog involved.

Watch this space.....................

PS. It was a top gig

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