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Originally Posted by 747rick View Post
Believe me, You can look at his arse I don't think I want to!!!

As for ink I have none unfortunately. I do have a full design for a back piece and arms and my Brother-in-Laws ex was going to do it for me for a good rate but they split up before she started!! One day I'll get it done though.
you got any tat studios near you? we've got a good one in my town -- Spellbound, Ilkeston... they are on Facebook ... most places do work by the hour so maybe you could find one you like .. word of mouth is the best thing to go by as well as the quality of the work ... then book an hour at a time and get it done that way... thats what i did -- i can only take about 2 hours inking at a time now anyway! ) lots of nurofen before you go and no alcohol for a day or so before either or you'll bleed too much!
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