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Angry Tough to be a Saxon fan in the States these days!

Originally Posted by PunkTexas View Post
I feel your pain. I tried three times to order the fan pack from UDR with no luck. Their order page blows. I've emailed them a couple of times too. Their help has only been somewhat helpful. I want the Wacken 3 LP fan pack too but if I order both at the same time it cost more to ship. NUTS. I tried to paypal but it says no. I try bank transfer and I see "paid with paypal" send your back transfer here. I guess UDR has my order but it's unpaid. I haven't given up yet. It's fuckin hard to be a SAXON fan in the USA. It would be cool if amazon (or anyone) sold the fan packs in the USA.
I totally agree, it is tough to be a Saxon fan in the States these days. Last tour I traveled 6 hrs south to Cali. to see them, as they bypassed the Northwest all together. Metal in general, seems tougher to see live up here in Oregon & Washington lately.
Had nothing but trouble trying to order T's & and a Hoodie from the official store, so I went to Tshirt zone UK & it was a snap. Amazon UK can be good for certian things. I did buy the special WOA limited edition box set from UDR without a hitch, but paypal is a pain in the ass for the most part. I rely on amazon for most everything though and unfortunately have to wait a bit more for release dates...
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