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Much more popular than in the 90's mate, but then, many many classic metal and rock bands struggled through that decade thanks to the dreaded 'G' word. Of course they still managed to release some great albums and I made sure I always got them as they came out. I was able to stick with them through the 90's and still got to go and see them live regularly, but as others on here will testify, some of the gigs Saxon played through that period were in very out of the way and small venues and very sparsely attended.

That's what is so endearing about them though! Many bands would have, and did, give up the fight, but Saxon never let me or anyone else down, even if they were only playing to a handful of people. They played every gig like there were 10,000 people, and that's why it is SO SO wonderful that they have rightly been recognised again and are enjoying a surge in popularity. It is nothing less than they thoroughly deserve and long may it continue.
A total agree with you rick but let me say that isn't normal for a band to play further in times like 90 s for example. Sure some bands managed these 10or15 years but a lot of bands stop playing on festivals or gigs. That is what i like too by saxon. They never give up to play. I hope you know what i want to say and mean here. Its a bit difficult to write loads of more words then ten.
Apart from that. I am really happy that i have open again the door to my fav band since 1981

The Drummer has Landed

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