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I received my shirt last week...YeeHaw. I thought I ordered a the long sleeve shirt but I got a Wacken shirt. I'm very happy with it. I got shit loads of complements on the shirt from strangers the day I wore it. It was fuckin' crazy. Here's the story.... I'm going crate digging for vinyl records at a local flea market so I put my new Saxon shirt on. This is my first Saxon shirt I've owned since the early 80s concert shirts I wore (I had multiple Saxon shirts in the 80s). Anyway, I stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink. The lady working there says..."I like your colorful shirt". I get in my truck and head toward the flea market. The guy taking the parking fee notices my shirt and he says "I like your shirt". Damn...the first 2 people that see the shirt say they like it. Unbelievable but true. At the flea market 5 more people say something about the shirt or Saxon ( unfortunately no one knew Saxon was still making records...I plan on fixing that). What a great fuckin' day for me and Saxon. I enjoyed the complements and I got to spread the word about Saxon. I could be totally wrong about the forum shirt design. Maybe a crazy busy t-shirt is better. BTW I love Saxon and I'm going to keep posting here even if I'm not part of the "we" and even if I'm gone next week. I like posting videos on YouTube so I'll up load some Saxon t-shirt comments I filmed soon. Sorry for the long winded post.
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