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Originally Posted by 747rick View Post
Will have to give that a listen. Shame that the usual arguments etc mean we now have two Tank's!!!

I really like the last 'new' Tank album. They are a different beast but a bloody good one
There was a lot of contradictions surrounding the Algy and the current Tank lineup, firstly of all he approved of the new lineup with their album "War Machine" then around the time "War Nation" was released, he was complaining that the name "Tank" was being used without his consent so I have no idea on whats really happening...

Onto the album, I would rate it 6.9/10

I expected something more out of the Breath Of The Pit, I mean it is not awful and the spirit and aggression is there but I felt that there was many things missing, the production value are low in my view.

It started out fairly strong but some of the songs are too long and rather repetitive.

To me, as a Tank fan and a fan of Algys music, this album, both the cover and sound looked and felt like a follow up from the self-titled LP from 1987, the self-titled LP is great but I feel the Breath Of The Pit does not live up to the name of that album.

I think that this album could have been a lot better, if more time was taken into production and some of the songs were made shorter, this could have been one killer album, the sound is there but in regards of the length of some of the songs, less is more.

It pains me to criticize this album because I think Algy is great, he made Tank and he is Tank

Best tank album in my view is "Still At War" relased in 2002, it is more modern sounding without sacrificing aggression and spirit of Algy's Tank

Don't get me wrong, I like the "new" tank and War Nation but it is nowhere near as aggressive when Algy was at the helm

There are plenty of old Tank on Youtube, even a music video where Tank was singing for an 80's kids show called Jangles
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