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Redeemer Of Souls due out in 5 weeks! I've been a ultimate Fan of Judas Priest since 1981 so I consider myself a valid opinion and I think so far the tracks we've heard are nothing short of quality classic Judas Priest. Not saying everyone has to like this new album,but those who wanted them to follow "Painkiller " formula. they will be disappointed but those who love classic Judas Priest should 9 out of 10 like the new album.

March Of The Damned IS Classic Priest,but not only that its classic Priest...its a quality track that has hints of perhaps British Steel,yet it still harnesses the album's it should. Halls Of Valhalla is top notch,Dragonaut too man....Crossfire is also very classic....Sword of Damocles is kick ass,so is secrets of the dead.....we are in for one hell of a classic Priest album,Richie Faulkner fits so well in the band it's incredible,sure we miss Downing but Faulkner has saved this band and has helped deliver a real classic quality record. A+
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