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Originally Posted by midnightrider View Post
As the title says.What Saxon items would you like to be added to the merch store?
I would like some large posters of album artwork (possibly signed) So i could frame and display some.

I know some of my female friends/fans have said they would like to see more shirts for girls.
Originally Posted by Schämsz View Post
Star cut, lol. now i do it for real. Brand new patch from kitchener and generaly patches for denim. Maybe a special fan magazine or something like this. I don't know.
Graham, do you mean your fans or fans of Saxon!!

Schamsz, your suggestion of a fan magazine is a good idea but I'll take it one step further. I think it's about time Saxon got a Classic Rock/ Metal Hammer Fan Pack for the next album. We are constantly being told that they were the godfathers of NWOBHM etc etc and a 132 page magazine all about Saxon with new interviews and articles plus a special edition of the next studio album along with badge or poster etc would be fantastic for the fans and excellent publicity for the band. Perhaps this could be our next facebook assault.
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