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I would prefer that only one of us will have the original file and send it to the printing house. It's not that I have trust issues or anything, you know I shared my Saxon designs with everyone here. The management has given permission for only 50 pieces and I want to keep it that way so that the number will be small and thus the t-shirts will be unique but most important there will be no leaks. I don't want to see someone on ebay selling our t-shirts.

Hope you understand.

Obviously we cannot print silkscreen or vinyl (silkscreen demands a certain amount [big] of t-shirts to be affordable and vinyl cannot just be used on a design like this). So I think our best option is something like direct to garmet printing (DTG). When performed by someone who knows what he's doing and has a good printer you get very good results.

I'm not an expert, I have tried it before with a similar t-shirt I made and I was satisfied with the result. You are free to search and propose alternative methods - it is a team decision in the end.
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