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Ive been so upset all week, as I know each and everyone of you fine forumers have.
I heard the news whilst working abroad, and spent the rest of the week in a depressed trance!

Ive only known Pete for around 3 years and will never forget the warm welcome he gave to me when I first met him...One thing that stands out is remembering the look of pride on Martin and Simons face as they introduced me to Pete as we stood in the street in Wolverhampton...they Said..this is Pete..Saxonized, and Pete shook my hand like he really wanted to.
Ever since Pete would always make sure he came and chatted to everyone who was around him..he had tine for everyone and hated anyone to thunk they were excluded.

I lost my father 22 years ago and this is the most Ive been upset since then.

God Bless you Pete R.I.P. my dear friend
I went there and back just to see how far it was
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